A 20 minute architectural intervention and festival of accidental performance in Brixton Recreation centre.

“You are here to spectate a speculative spectacle in which the spectator is the spectacle and the spectacle is a spectator.”

Images by Stewart Bannocks (one of the 11 participants)


Digital Zine documenting project development throughout the 3 week project:

Digital copy of the programme given to participants:


Pages from TEKHTM Zine:


Brixton Recreation Centre obtains an emphatic central atrium designed in order for those navigating it to be able to view different sights, happenings, participants, and situations within the building. The festival of accidental performance amplified this by encouraging 10 participants to frame certain vistas using a viewfinder (an object that frames/focus a specific view). As these participants were lead into the building, and for the entire 20 minute happening, 11 performers carried out repeated situations, such as tying shoes, walking down the stairs, using the elevator, and drinking coffee in the cafe. To varying degrees, these situations occurred synonymously to ‘real’ or ‘natural’ happenings. The lines between performance and reality distorted and participants became immersed. 31 people in all were both spectators and the spectacle. By using a viewfinder, participants not only drew attention to themselves, but actively framed certain vistas within which occurred these happenings, highlighting the complexities of the building. The large area of unused negative space that is the atrium became a stage.


Viewfinders - Designed to reflect the brutalist architectural style of Brixton Recreation Centre:


This was a group project worked on by myself, Caitlin McConnell, Frankie Storey, Fred Hoad, Jane Boehlert, Kaiya Waerea, Lauren Coutts, Luke Spence, Martina Zheng, Megan Watson, and Tatyana Eastap-Johnson.