Iā€™m Oli, a 21 year old cross-disciplinary designer with an experimental and progressive approach to materials and processes. I enjoy tackling issues of ethics and sustainability with a highly critical, future-centred design approach in order to raise debate and effect social change for the better.

My design practice is based on alternative research methods which draw upon disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, economics and earth sciences. With this new insight I can unearth what is important in order to offer imaginative and considered responses to complex real world social and ethical issues regarding technology and the environment. Unique entry points are discovered, understood and engaged with by way of making, thinking through materials, experimenting, modelling and prototyping. This manifests as predominantly object oriented outcomes situated within socially-engaged design processes and projects. My work is especially suited to critically exploring this world as it might have otherwise have been or could be, striving to catalyze change through the exploration of alternative futures. Among such unpredictable times, I am convinced we need not a small, incremental advancement based on human-centred design but an exponential, radical vision based on future-centred design. I believe we must not amend the crumbled road at our feet but create a compass to navigate toward a new era.